Mucky Pups Dog Grooming
Mucky Pups Dog Grooming

News letter

Parasite notice An extra charge will be imposed if your dog is found to have a large amount of fleas during grooming,this charge is a small amount in relation to the protocol we have to follow if your dog is infested with fleas ,the salon and our home will have to be treated along with our 4 pets ,extra time is also spent on cleaning the centre and other appointments have to be cancelled for that day ,while the groomer may incur many unpleasant flea bites





Poor condition Any extra time on grooms due to excessive matting or poor condition due to irregular grooming an additional charge will be made.


Toilet duties please ensure that you have given your dog time for toilet duties before they arrive


Donations we should be most grateful for any donations of towels and bedding 



45 Fane Road





01733 649451

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